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“YOU ARE HOME WORTHY! Buying a home is probably the biggest thing you’ll ever do in your life, it certainly was for me. I think a lot of people make the assumption, that any money I’ve made over the years has been from the music business. On the contrary, buying and selling houses was a very big part of me forging ahead financially. I’ll never forget the feeling of walking into the very first place I ever bought- it was 67,000 dollars. Honestly, it may have well been Ten million, but it felt glorious! I knew I was doing something that would change how I felt about myself. I had a sense of pride and accomplishment and I knew that I was doing something great for my future self. With her new book-Sandra Rinomato is giving us all the opportunity to invest and believe and cheer on our future selves. Her expertise is unparalleled and her advise is uncomplicated and easy to understand. Sandra has done it all, she’s seen the markets rise and fall and rise again and she can show you how to become Home Worthy and truly live your best life.​”
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